Universal To Adapt Unreleased 'Dante's Inferno' Video Game

'Dante's Inferno'I believe this is a first in Hollywood. All week, studios have been battling for the movie rights to a video game that hasn't even been released yet. No one even knew quite what this game was that had the major players in such a frenzy. But a victor has emerged, and all has finally been revealed. According to Variety, Universal Studios has won the rights to Electronic Arts' "Dante's Inferno," a game that is still unannounced and unconfirmed by EA, despite that they shopped the concept as a film. EA's VP, Patrick J. O'Brian, and the game's creator, Jonathan Knight, will be working closely with Universal Studios on the development of the movie.

Unsurprisingly to those who know their classic literature, "Dante's Inferno" will be a descent into hell for gamers (hopefully figuratively, and not literally). It will be a modern reinvention of the 14th century poem, where gamers fight their way through the depths and torments of hell.

If they want to stay traditional, you can expect nine searing levels. If you've read your "Inferno," you know that Dante gleefully describes some pretty sick punishments -- this should be a game that can rival "Silent Hill" or "Dead Space" in terms of gore and horror.

It's difficult to say whether this will be a cool movie or not, since none of us have played it, or even seen so much as concept art. Given how unsuccessful and unpopular most video game movies have been, it's difficult to understand why the studios would be so desperate to make one from an untested game.

What do you think, readers? Should Universal have waited until we all had a chance to play the game? Or do you think a video game set in hell is cool enough to buy, sight unseen?

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