Show Us Your 'Twilight' Halloween Costumes!

By Sabrina Rojas Weiss

Halloween is such a special time of year for fanboys and -girls: We can finally come out of the closet and literally wear our enthusiasm for our favorite book/movie/comic/TV-show characters. But when that favorite is "Twilight," you've got an interesting problem. How do you dress as a vampire who wants to blend in with regular humans?

Well, obviously, that kind of negative, uncreative thinking does not abound in the "Twilight" community. As early as August, the TwilightMoms were eagerly planning their costumes. And has super-detailed instructions on the makeup and wardrobe required for vegetarian or non-vegetarian vampires (with links to sites that sell color contacts), and a special section for the boys.

The best part is that all this effort wouldn't be wasted on just one night — you weren't going to show up on November 21 dressed normally, were you?

So are you guys dressing up? Are you gathering a whole Cullen clan to go partying tonight? Will you be facing off with a gang of scantily clad werewolves? And has anyone thought of an interesting way to be a human Bella?

Share your plans now and send in photos of your transformed selves to We'll post the best shots next week.