Hugh Grant And Sarah Jessica Parker Witness Murders, Find Romance

Hugh GrantThe course of true love never does run smooth. It's easy for a married couple to drift apart -- your career gets in the way, their habits start driving you insane, they get bored and start flirting with the secretary. Usually, all it takes to fix the problem is some therapy, a few romantic dinners, or an extended vacation. Or you could witness a murder and join the Witness Protection Program.

According to Variety, that's the plot of a new romantic-comedy from Columbia Pictures, and romantic-comedy veterans Sarah-Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant are in negotiations to star. Marc Lawrence penned the screenplay and is attached to direct. (He must really like Grant -- they previously worked together in "Music and Lyrics" and "Two Weeks Notice.")

Parker and Grant will play a high-powered New York couple, who have become estranged, no doubt due to their punishing social schedule. They witness a murder, and are forced to assume new identities and hide in a small Wyoming town.

And while watching someone killed in cold blood doesn't seem very funny at first glance, the hilarity will obviously come from the inconvenience it puts on a upper-class couple. After all, they'll be fish out of water in a backwater prairie town, where everyone carries a gun and wears flannel, and they'll have to dodge the killers, all while rediscovering their love for each other. I think it might be a little like "A History of Violence," but with less gore, and a cuter soundtrack.

Murder and the Witness Protection Program -- do you think these romantic comedies are beginning to reach a bit? Or can you overlook the ridiculous plot to see Parker and Grant onscreen together?