Unearthed Footage Reveals 'Twilight' Star Mike Welch Has Talent To Spare

Mike WelchAs any Twilighter worth their “Team Edward” t-shirt knows, we here at MTV love Michael Welch. He’s funny, talented, and about to make his big breakthrough playing Mike Newton in “Twilight.” What’s not to like?

Well, now there’s one more reason to dig the dude: His new website is dedicated to “all the twi-hards, gate-heads, joan-cores and other –hards, -heads and –cores,” and it has posted Mike/Mike’s 4th grade talent show that he performed in at age nine.

While a career in stand-up comedy might not be in Mike’s future, I highly recommend downloading it, especially if you’ve ever pondered the eternal question of what the big chimney said to the little chimney.

When Mike was in here awhile back to shoot his “Twilight” Tuesday, we spoke to him about his love of performing and aspirations beyond acting – and learned that he hopes show off his multiple talents for years to come.

“[There was a one-man show] I worked on when I was 15, 16. It was a show about girls, and my experience with the various women in my life. I got about 75% of it done. I was trying to work it out in acting class, and it sort of just fell apart. That happens sometimes,” Mike explained. “I also have the first half of about 3 screenplays written too. You’ve got to finish things in life; that’s one of the hardest things.”

Still only 21 years old, Mike’s got lots of time to finish up those screenplays – and judging by this talent show footage of his Jim Carrey imitation, he might want to try and write “Ace Ventura 3” next. “I’d love to do a one-man show one day. I love the stage, and I’d love to be on stage more,” explained Welch, who is just finishing up a run in the play “Speech & Debate” at L.A.’s Blank Theatre. “I’m actually more comfortable on stage than in life.”

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed,” he added, getting serious for a moment. “I can tend to be a strange, awkward, strange person in life. But on stage I love it up there; it’s great. I don’t know why; when I was kid, that’s always what I was most comfortable with. I guess you could say it takes a lot of balls, but for me that’s actually my safety zone.”

I’m thinking a lot of Twilighters will agree with me when I say Mike is the exact opposite of awkward and strange in real life. Still, we’re all looking forward to seeing him on stage yet again at the upcoming TwilightLive event – and if we’re lucky, he might even once again auction off his 4th grade teacher Mrs. Hickey’s house.

Hey Twilighters: What’s your favorite part of the Mike Welch talent show tape?