Vince Vaughn Does Drama For 'Sunny And 68’

Vince VaughnIt's been awhile since we saw Vince Vaughn tackled a more dramatic role -- and while no one ever really tires of his sarcastic charms, he has the acting chops to do a lot more. It looks like he's stretching them a bit with "Sunny and 68," a drama from Universal Pictures. Variety reports that the actor he's signed onto the lead role, with Gavin O'Connor (whose "Pride and Glory" was just released this weekend) set to direct.

Vaughn will play a poker superstar, whose alcoholism and bad behavior cause him to flame out on live television. He's wiped out, and owes $500,000 to his bookies, a fun situation that sees him fleeing to his childhood home in order to reclaim the cash he's been sending to his mother. He hasn't been home in 20 years, and he finds his mother dying of cancer, and raising a 5-year-old girl who is actually his daughter.

The girl's mother, his former high school girlfriend, is planning on taking the girl back. Naturally, Vaughn's character has some growing up to do, and tough decisions to make. And the three females of the film are set to help him do that.

O'Connor wrote the script with Vaughn in mind, as despite all the really sad stuff, the story has comedic overtones. The title comes from the story's mother, who insists it's "sunny and 68” even in the worst weather. (Yes, I think that is a possible metaphor for life, too.) But don't look for the film to brighten up your own cloudy day anytime soon -- it doesn't start shooting until 2010.

Readers, do you prefer Vaughn to stick to comedy and silly romance, or do you want him to take on more roles that tug on your heartstrings? Is this the kind of drama you want to see him in, or would you prefer he take the darker roles of his "Psycho" days?