'Gears Of War' Screenwriter Chris Morgan Talks Up The Locust Horde

'Gears of War'"Gears of War" screenwriter Chris Morgan had some good news for gamers hungry for information about the upcoming live-action adaptation of the hit Microsoft game. In addition to all the details spilled today over on MTV.com, we're happy to report your favorite heavily armed, flesh-mauling bad guys from underneath the planet's surface are not only in good hands, but they're all but assured of appearing on screen.

"I don't think you would want to see a movie of this game without them in it," said Morgan of the likelihood that Corpsers, Seeders and, yes, Berserkers, would wreak on-screen havoc in the much-anticipated video game adaptation.

So what could he tell us about the creatures of the "Gears of War" movie?

When asked specifically whether we'll see Corpsers and Berserkers getting some screen time, Morgan told MTV, "If I have anything to do with it, you absolutely will."

"And I do," he added. "So the answer is 'Yes.'"

As for how director Len Wiseman plans to bring the creatures to life, Morgan said the film will be a balance between live-action scenes and computer effects akin to a movie like "Aliens," with much of the CGI devoted to the big battle sequences (he teased that "Emergence Day" would factor prominently in the film) and scenes involving the Locust Horde.

"That's the fun of the property," said Morgan. "Not only do you have an army of enemy forces, but where we have tanks and everything else, they have these creatures."

"No doubt it is going to be a big movie," he laughed.

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Are you looking forward to the "Gears of War" film? What other elements of the game are you hoping make the move to the big screen?