'Clash Of The Titans' Designer Gives Medusa A Bad Hair Day For Remake

'Clash of the Titans' (1981)Louis Leterrier’s got more than the next Hulk or “1602” on his mind – he’s also just started prepping a remake of “Clash of the Titans,” according to his character designer Aaron Sims.

“We worked together on the ‘Hulk’ to make something visually interesting,” Sims said, “and I had started designs with a previous director for ‘Clash of the Titans,’ but he went away, and now Louis is on board to direct. So he called me up, ‘Hey, let’s work together,’ and I said, ‘Definitely!’”

Sims is starting to conceptualize the Medusa and the Kraken monster designs, and it’s more challenging than you might think. (And it’s one that “Hercules” is avoiding).

“There’s a whole mythology to all of this,” he said. “So what do you create that’s not just something we’ve all seen before? Everything, from Pegasus to the Titans, what have we not seen yet that’s going to be really epic-looking and still speaks to Greek mythology?”

Sims faced a similar challenge on the Hulk, because that’s an iconic image from all the comic books, TV series, and the previous movie, but that’s when he decided “you can’t appeal to everybody.” “You can put a little of the old movie in for the diehards, but a new audience may not even care, so how do you merge all that?” he asked.

So for Medusa, that means he’s trying to decide, as far as the snakes for her hair are concerned, “are they all the same snake? Do they look more like hair? Are they different in silhouette or in light? And how much of a human face does she have, or is it more like a snake?” he said. Too much snake-face, and you run into the Voldemort problem. “I was working on one design,” Sims said, “and people said, ‘That reminds me of Voldemort,’ because there was no nose. You have to be careful so it still looks like it’s an original idea.”

Are you looking forward to "Clash of the Titans"? Who do you think should play Perseus? Medusa? What about Princess Andromeda?