MTV Interns Attend 'Saw' Movie Marathon - Read Their Twisted Report

Tobin Bell in 'Saw'Alright, I admit it: I’ve been a bad, bad boy.

We have a pair of wonderful, eager-to-please, eternally optimistic interns who work in our newsroom named Summer (she goes to USC) and Kristen (she goes to UCLA). And when I heard that Lionsgate and AMC Theaters were hosting “Saw Fest” events across the country that would unspool not one, not two but all the “Saw” movies (including the new “Saw V”), I had to wonder: What does 10 hours of torture porn do to the human mind?

Naturally, I just had to send our duo of happy interns into a darkened theater to watch all those decapitations and dismemberments until 2 in the morning. You can check out their demented diary here, and the two girls are now back in their dorm rooms fast asleep, hopefully not dreaming of waking up with keys hidden behind their eyeballs.

The girls also came back with this breakdown of the body count, as they “Saw” it all go down:

Total deaths in all 5 “Saw” films: 41

“Saw” movie with the most deaths: “Saw II” (ten)

“Saw” movies with the fewest deaths: “Saw V” (five)

Highest number of torture devices used: “Saw IV” (nine)

Number of cameos by “Billy,” Jigsaw’s evil clown doll: 16

Most people in one trap: 5 (“Saw V”)

And now that they’ve become so well-versed in the franchise, we have an early review of “Saw V” before you see it this weekend. “I liked it,” says Summer. “I thought it was a bit of a stretch how they went so far to tie all the events back to the previous films, and sometimes that gets a bit ridiculous. I’d say it’s the third best movie, behind “Saw” and “Saw III,” but it does have the best decapitation in the series so far. If you’re a “Saw” fanatic, it won’t disappoint – but if you wander into the wrong theater looking for “The Secret Lives of Bees,” you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise.”

Post your thoughts here after you see “Saw V” this weekend: Is Jigsaw still up to his old tricks, or has the series finally become torturous itself?