Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hugh Jackman Targeted For Steven Soderbergh's Cleopatra Musical

Catherine Zeta-JonesCleopatra, the last and legendary Queen of Egypt, entranced quite a few men in her day -- and now it sounds like Steven Soderbergh is the latest to fall under her spell. According to Variety, Soderbergh is planning to direct a 3-D, live-action, rock-n-roll musical called "Cleo" about the Egyptian queen and her lover, Mark Antony. The music has already been written by now-defunct indie rock band Guided by Voices, with a script by James Greer, former bass player for the band.

Soderbergh is courting some big talent for his musical project, too -- he wants Catherine Zeta-Jones to play the Egyptian queen, and Hugh Jackman to play Mark Antony. This is the one part of the project I can get behind, as Jackman has yet to flaunt his musical talent onscreen. And Hugh Jackman in 3-D? Be still my heart!

"Cleo" is calculated to cost $30 million, and it's going to be shopped around for financing within the next two weeks. Should it get its money, it may also land Zeta-Jones and Jackman. It will be the first musical Soderbergh has ever directed. He's certainly been anything but predictable with his directorial choices, but I don't think I would have ever pegged him for something like "Cleo."

I can see the finished product going only one of two ways -- brilliant in its sheer insanity, or campy and awful. It's definitely the strangest movie idea I've seen in some time.

What do you think, readers? Is "Cleo" the worst idea you've ever heard, or is it so unusual that you'll give it a shot? Do you want to see Catherine Zeta-Jones and Hugh Jackman stretch their vocal talents, or do you think it's better if they skip this movie altogether?