'Pride And Glory' Co-Stars On Teasing Edward Norton

Edward NortonEdward Norton takes his job very seriously when he’s on the clock, according to his “Pride and Glory” co-stars, who call him “generous,” “dedicated,” “extraordinary,” and “very professional.” “But when they say cut,” says Christopher Michael Holley, who plays cop-partner to Norton’s Ray Tierney, “he’s a guy’s guy.”

Meaning if you wanted someone to hang out with, or “crack jokes” with, Edward’s the man, Holley said. “We had a lot of fun together,” concurred Jon Voight, who played the father of Norton’s character.

And Noah Emmerich, who plays Norton’s brother Frances Tierney, Jr., liked to extend their brotherly relationship on screen to teasing Ed on the set. “We went to the same college, but we missed each other by one year. But we had enough stuff in common to be like brothers. So I’d be like, ‘Do my laundry,’ or, ‘Get my groceries,’” Emmerich laughed, “’or Mom will get mad.’”

Still, that could never be quite as scary as Norton getting mad – come on, he’s the Hulk! “I know!” Voight said. And he has a crazy scar on his face in the “Pride and Glory” posters – not an injury he incurred when someone went too far with the teasing and didn't mean to make him angry, right?

“Edward Norton had a little accident,” Holley laughed. “I don’t want to give it away. But it’s not something you can just put a band-aid on, not if a bullet or a knife or a machete caused it.”

“Ah, [‘The Hulk’] was before all that,” Norton chuckled. “They didn’t even know that was coming.” So it didn’t stop them from trying to wind the actor up? “Nah. They were trying to wind you up,” he laughed.

What kind of roles do you like to see Edward Norton play? What's his best film?