Carla Gugino Stays In Character For 'Watchmen' Doc 'Under the Hood'

Carla Gugino as Silk Spectre in 'Watchmen'FROM SPLASH PAGE: As with most things “Watchmen,” when a brand new trailer and "Watchmen" poster debuted yesterday from 2009’s most anticipated film, fans once again exalted director Zack Snyder for his fidelity to the source material.

Wait’ll they get a load of how far that fidelity actually extends, Carla Gugino told MTV News.

An inter-chapter filler in the graphic novel, the memoirs of the first Nite Owl, “Under the Hood,” will be a bonus feature on the DVD -- bringing together all the old Minute Men for a mockumentary-style biography. The idea, Gugino insisted, was to try not to lose anything from the source material.

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