Seth Rogen Plans Origin Story Since 'No One Knows Anything About The Green Hornet'

FROM MTV.COM: Speaking with MTV News last November, writer/star Seth Rogen promised he was buffing up for the role of Britt Reid in "The Green Hornet," he was looking very strongly at Stephen Chow for the role of Kato, and the movie wouldn't follow an origin story.

Well, two out of three ain't bad.

Looking more svelte and in-shape than ever, Rogen now insists that his action-hero comedy — which he likened in tone to "True Lies" — will follow a more traditional "beginnings" arc.

Despite the vociferous complaining from fans who initially objected to Rogen's command of the project, the funnyman says an origin story is necessary because, according to him, there aren't really that many fans.

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