Rumor Control: Zac Efron NOT in 'Pirates 4,' Star Insists

Zac EfronThis past week, a story that originated in “The National Enquirer” began picking up steam across the net, finding its way into British tabloids by the truckload: 21-year-old “High School Musical” star Zac Efron was set to star in “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” alongside Johnny Depp.

It all made too much sense: Efron was a Disney star, “Pirates” was a Disney franchise. Efron was leaving “HSM,” Disney didn’t want him out of their grasp. And, I mean, if you can’t trust “The National Enquirer” and British tabloids, who could you trust?

Speaking to MTV News, Efron was adamant that the talk of his voyaging through the Caribbean was nothing more than a rumor. “No one has talked to me about it,” the “High School Musical 3” star insisted. “I didn’t even know [about it].”

That said, of course, the winking machine couldn’t help but smile at the possibility, telling us that just to be mentioned for a role was “awesome.”

“I didn’t know anything about that,” he said. “[But] cross your fingers for me guys!”

Although a foregone conclusion, a fourth “Pirates” was officially confirmed last month at a Disney presentation. Co-star Geoffrey Rush told MTV News last year that he thought it would follow Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa’s quest for the Fountain of Youth.

What do you think “Pirates” superfans? Does the franchise need a fresh, young face like Efron for the Orlando Bloom factor? Would you support the “HSM” star getting cast? Sound off on your thoughts below.