Anne Hathaway Has A New 'Fiance'

Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway is a braver woman than I. If I was in the gossip magazines every other week thanks to my (possibly) criminal ex-boyfriend, I would run as far away from romantic comedy scripts as I could. But she's boldly signing on to anything involving the highs and lows of romance. Maybe it's her form of therapy.

According to Variety, her latest love affair will be with Warner Bros., where she is set to star in "The Fiance." "17 Again" and "Igby Goes Down" helmer Burr Steers will direct, and the script is being rewritten by Etan Cohen, the pen behind "Tropic Thunder" and Sacha Baron Cohen's Sherlock Holmes comedy.

Hathaway will play a woman on the verge of walking down the aisle, who decides to cancel her wedding and dump her seemingly perfect fiancee. She wants to figure out who she really is, and what she wants out of life. But unfortunately for her inner journey, her meddling parents attempt to patch things up between the couple, and she can't move on.

While we could probably predict how this will end (seemingly perfect fiancee isn't so perfect, Hathaway meets and falls for a nicer and funnier man), Cohen's involvement suggests it might have a bit more snark and edge than a typical romantic comedy.

Personally, I'm wondering what happened with Hathaway's involvement in "The Opposite of Love," a film at Fox Studios that had her playing another woman dodging marriage in favor of soul-searching. I assume she's no longer involved, opting for a lighter take on romantic commitment than "Opposite" was offering. But the similarities are enough to cause a serious case of deja vu for this writer, and maybe for a few readers, too.