Naomi Watts Wants to Face Down the President As 'Jody Williams'

Naomi WattsIt's a sad state of affairs when you learn about the activists of the world only when a movie is being made about them, isn't it? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Naomi Watts is in talks to play the lead in "Jody Williams," a biopic about global activist and Nobel Prize winner.

Williams is a former teacher, who left behind a career teaching ESL in Washington D.C. to pursue a career in global aid worker. She was a grocery worker in the "Nicaragua-Honduras Education Project," deputy director of the charity "Medical Aid for El Salvador," and a key member of the "International Campaign to Ban Land Mines."

It's this latest project that earned her the Nobel Peace Prize, which was awarded jointly to her and the successful campaign. She's tough, brash, and occasionally controversial. She famously called former President Bill Clinton "a weenie" when he refused to sign the global land mine ban. You have to hand it to anyone brave enough to call the President a weenie.

Audrey Wells is attached to direct the drama for Universal. This could be quite the project if it comes together -- a drama about a tough woman, directed by a woman, and starring an Oscar nominated actress? That's just full of the girl power we rarely see in Hollywood. Let's hope it gets finalized!

Readers, do you think "Jody Williams" sounds like a good role for Naomi Watts? Or do you think this sounds dangerously like a preachy, feel-good biopic?