Sam Raimi Says Goodbye To Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Franchise, Chooses 'Spider-Man' Instead

Sam Raimi has made his name directing superhero blockbusters (the “Spider-Man” films) and quirky cult horror flicks (the “Evil Dead” series). It only makes sense, then, that movie fans were intrigued by recent reports that the filmmaker wanted to revive a once-successful thriller series as his next project. But if you’ve ever wondered who’d win in a fight between Spider-Man and Jack Ryan, Raimi finally has your answer.

“I’m really excited about Spider-Man,” he told us this week, revealing that his flirtation with the Tom Clancy novel-to-film series that has starred Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck is finished. “Production [on more ‘Spider-Man’ films] would start probably by March, I’m guessing of 2010.”

Raimi revealed to us during the chat that he’d be willing to shoot “Spider-Man 4” and “Spider-Man 5” at the same time, and also spoke about the futures of Kirsten Dunst and The Lizard. And, as he explained, that doesn’t leave him any time to reboot Tom Clancy’s tale of America’s top CIA operative.

“I love Tom Clancy, and I hope they’d keep me in mind,” Raimi shrugged, admitting that he couldn’t realistically make a Jack Ryan movie for half a decade or more. “But because I’m committed to ‘Spider-Man and making that picture, I think it’s going to knock me out of the running for the Jack Ryan picture.”

This past March, Variety reported that Raimi and Paramount Pictures were in negotiations to have him direct not only a reboot, but possibly multiple sequels as well. These sequels would depict a young Ryan during a “Casino Royale”-like formative time in his career. It seems safe to assume, however, that most fanboys will be happy Raimi has instead decided to stick with the further tales of Peter Parker.

“I think [they’ll shoot] at the same time,” Raimi explained, bowing out of the running. “But I love that character, and I know the movie will be great.”

Which franchise would you rather see Raimi revisit next: Spider-Man, Jack Ryan or “Evil Dead”?