NBC Universal Looks To Sell Rogue Pictures

'Shaun of the Dead'Rogue Pictures, the Universal Pictures label responsible for a variety of recent horror projects and other niche titles like "Shaun of the Dead" and "Doomsday," will likely have a new home for its slate of upcoming and in-development projects, as well as its 25-film library.

An Associated Press report has Relativity Media, a frequent financing partner for Universal, potentially acquiring Rogue for $150 million. The new owner of the Rogue "brand" -- whoever that might be-- would inherit projects such as "The Unborn," Wes Craven's upcoming horror film, "25/8," and "Fighting," starring Terrence Howard. Universal would continue to distribute the films attached to Rogue, however.

The news of the potential sale comes on the heels of reports that massive budget cuts were ordered for Rogue in 2009, though industry gossip columnist Nikke Finke reports that the label did indeed operate at a profit.

Only time will tell what this move could mean for Rogue -- and for the four films it has scheduled for release in 2009. MTV recently provided the exclusive premiere of the trailer for "The Unborn," due to hit theaters in January 2009.

What do you think of Rogue Pictures' projects thus far? Will this move be a good one for the label? Let us know in the comments!