'The Princess Bride' Director Rob Reiner To Helm Zoe Green's Action-Adventure 'Book Of Shadows'

Rob ReinerRob Reiner's name alone isn't enough to lure many of us to the theaters anymore -- but you have to perk up a little bit at his latest project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he's tackling "Book of Shadows," an action-adventure pitch from up-and-coming writer Zoe Green.

Despite the title, it won't have anything to do with Wicca, or its book of religious and magical philosophy. Instead, the story follows a young man facing the perils of first love and growing up. As if those waters weren't risky enough to navigate, he has to embark on a long and dangerous quest to close a mythical volume called the "Book of Shadows" in order to restore balance to the world. Who leaves a book like that open in the first place?

The idea initially belonged to Reiner, who mentioned it to Green during a general meeting. Green was so excited by the story that she ran with it. Green's name is popping up more and more often, particularly in the geek world. A former writer for the Guardian, she has "Wolverine and the X-Men" to her credit, and is writing "Tigress" for Disney and Stan Lee. Anyone who can impress Reiner and Lee is worth paying attention to.

While you may dismiss Reiner's recent films, just remember he was responsible for "The Princess Bride." With the right script, he might be able to capture that kind of swashbuckling magic again.

It's your turn, readers -- do you think Reiner has another adventure like "The Princess Bride" in him? Or is action-adventure just too iffy a genre to get excited about, even in the hands of a new Hollywood writer?