Chuck Palahniuk's 'Haunted' Optioned For Adaptation

Chuck PalahniukChuck Palahniuk's books will always be hot sells in Hollywood, as every director and studio looks for their own "Fight Club." But more often than not, his books land in development hell, which only "Choke" has been able to escape. Now, according to Variety, Palahniuk's "Haunted" is getting its turn.

The first book to be optioned by Brian Levy's brand new company, New School Media, "Haunted" is being adapted and directed by Koen Mortier.

"Haunted" is a collection of 23 dark, funny, and cringe-inducing stories told by people who innocently answered an advertisement for a writer's retreat. What they got instead was a role on a reality-tv show where their host withholds vital supplies such as food, power, and heat. As the participants become more desperate, they ruthlessly plot to become the star of the show that they expect to be made of their unhappy plight.

If that's not enough, they also share their horrifying personal stories to the audience. And yes -- this is the book featuring the short story "Guts," which Palahniuk famously read aloud at book stores across the country, reportedly causing grown men and women to faint due to its graphic content.

With that kind of reputation, one can see why someone wants to turn it into a film. Talk about the instant publicity that will generate! But can any director actually get "Guts" onscreen and intact? We'll see.

Do you think "Haunted" will break the Palahniuk curse, and make it out of pre-production? Should the book stay safely on the page, or do you want to see people racing for the aisles when "Guts" appears onscreen?