'Twilight' Tuesday: Anna Kendrick Asks If We've Heard Any Good Gossip Lately

Happy "One Month Until Twilight" Day, everybody! Today's "Twilight" Tuesday shines a spotlight on Anna Kendrick, a talented actress who is so down-to-earth that she's definitely…well, part of a 20-way-tie for my favorite actor in the upcoming movie.

Believe it or not, there are still some "Twilight" haters out there trying to stir the pot. And as the series' young stars continue to grow in fame, I'm sure we'll hear even more stories trying to invent feuds between them.

"My mom tells me this stuff and I wish she didn't," laughed Kendrick when we spoke with her, discussing a rumored rift between herself and Kristen Stewart. "But she reads everything, and you know, she is my mom! She was like, 'Somebody said that you were mean on set,' and I was actually like horrified, you know? Maybe I was having a bad day, and did I take it out on the wrong person? I felt so awful."

"And then I read [the story] and they were talking about how I was giving Kristen dirty looks," she sighed. “And I was like, ‘Oh, so you're straight-up making this up?' Like 'This is literally, you're just making this up as you go?' Because I adore Kristen! She is totally my homey."

The fact of the matter is, young actors and success always breed these kinds of media stories. Think “90210,” “Gossip Girl” or so many other “feuds” that have been reported over the years, whether real or imagined. As best as she can imagine, Kendrick said somebody probably just saw her practicing Jessica's jealous stare in Kristen's general direction.

"Yeah," she laughed. "I'm just so method."

Unlike Jessica Stanley, Anna does her best to stay away from gossip. "I went through a short period about 4 years ago when I would read those," she said of the supermarket mags likely to start featuring "Twilight" stars any day now. "And it made me feel really icky, like a real icky feeling deep down, so I try not to read them."

"Every now and then, when I need something really silly to read on a plane I will read them — and then regret it immediately,” she laughed. "It's an addiction thing, where it's like I really don't like this feeling because I'm invading the privacy of these people, and I don't need to know these things. And especially because the commentary on it is just something terrible. [A breakup] happens to somebody, and it's just done in a way like 'Isn't this a bummer?' And it's like 'No! It's more than that!'"

The truth is, the "Twilight" gang is pretty tight. "Nikki [Reed] got me into Laura Marling, she is rad, we just went to see her at Hotel Café," Kendrick remembered. "I also went to see [Robert Pattinson play a show] one night; I remember seeing that he played guitar and thinking that was pretty cool. And then I heard him sing, and I was like, ‘That is just not fair!’ He has an awesome voice, and it was like 'This is an uneven distribution of wealth!' But yeah, he's a talented young boy."

Okay gang, here's your "Twilight" Tuesday question of the week: Which star from the film would you most like to have as your BFF, and what would you do with them?