Ron Perlman Goes Supernatural With Nicolas Cage In 'Season Of The Witch'

Ron PerlmanTransporting witches sounds like a job for Hellboy, so why settle for a substitute? According to, Ron Perlman has joined Nicolas Cage in the supernatural thriller "Season of the Witch."

The film follows a group of 14th-century knights who are given the unlucky task of transporting a girl suspected of being the witch responsible for the Black Plague (disease-carrying fleas just don't make that compelling of a story, I guess). Their goal is to take her to a monastery, where a group of specialized monks will attempt to get rid of her plague-causing demons. I imagine there will be lots of spooky happenings and sword-fights along the way.

This will be Cage's first foray into chainmail, which should be very interesting to see. It's old hat for Perlman, who has enough experience wielding swords for them both. Perhaps they won't even need to cast any more knights, since he's tough enough to take on anyone.

The film reunites Cage and director Dominic Sena, who directed him in "Gone in Sixty Seconds." No word on who the other knights will be, or who's playing the demon-possessed witch. But we're sure to find out soon, since the film starts shooting in Austria and Hungary come early November, with a release date sometime in 2010.

Well, readers? Can you see Cage holding his own in the Middle Ages? Or is Perlman the only hero here who should be fighting witches and demons?