Are You Camping Out For Hot Topic’s ‘Twilight’ Soundtrack Listening Parties?

If you’re a “Twilight” fan with an unhealthy obsession for “Nightmare Before Christmas”-branded ephemera, or gigantic, strap-laden black pants, you’re no doubt jumping for joy over the news that on October 24, Hot Topic stores across the country will be hosting listening parties for the “Twilight” soundtrack.

But what about the rest of you? Is this good news, or bad? On one hand, it gives you the opportunity to hear the “Twilight” soundtrack in its entirety almost two weeks before it hits stores — not to mention the fact that, if you pre-order it during the listening party, you’ll receive a super-secret “surprise gift” (which really could be anything.)

On the other, attending the listening party would not only require you to actually set foot inside a Hot Topic, but would also mean you’d be actively confirming every single stereotype of the “Twilight” fanbase.

It’s a conundrum, indeed.

So — “Twilight” fans who are a little wary of Hot Topic — this one’s for you: On October 24, will you be in attendance at your neighborhood Hot Topic store? Or will shame and the glaring eye of the public keep you away? Let us know in the comments.