Seth Green Goes Method For 'Sex Drive'

Seth Green in 'Sex Drive'Seth Green might be a comic actor, but he takes acting very seriously -- even for a cameo, and even for a movie like "Sex Drive."

"I'm straight-up Daniel Day Lewis the way I approached the role," Green boasted.

To portray an Amish character named Ezekiel -- even an Amish character who has spent a lengthy amount of time outside the Amish community -- Green did his research. He watched "Witness." He watched "Kingpin." And then he went Method.

"I spent time in Pennsylvania," he claimed. "I interned at Dutch Wonderland. I learned how to make soap and rope."

But did he learn how to churn butter?

"Butter churning is typically a female activity," Green explained. But raising barns and houses, he claimed, "That's all guys."

"That's not a sexist thing," Green continued. "It's just a fact about upper arm strength, and guys have that more. So I raised tons of houses. I raised cane on this set."

All that "research" -- if he's not pulling our leg -- must have also helped Green develop his Amish character Liam Adams ("Quaker") in "The Freshmen" comic book series he both co-created and plans to direct as a movie. But whether Green's advance prep work pays off in this movie, you'll have to wait and see. Just in case, he swears the film is "really wild" and "super silly," and one of his co-stars, Clark Duke, concurs. "It's extremely funny," Duke promised. "It's violently funny."

"Sex Drive" hits theaters Friday, October 17.

Think "Sex Drive" will be more like "The Sure Thing" or "American Pie"? Does Seth Green's cameo make you want to see it?