'The Hobbit' In 3D and IMAX? Guillermo Del Toro Leaves Open The Possibility

Guillermo del ToroAmidst all the rumors surrounding “The Hobbit,” the most prevalent seems to be that the two-part opus is already slated for the 3D and IMAX treatment. (Shhh! Don’t tell Roger Ebert.)

Could our next trip to Middle Earth, then, actually bring us, you know, into Middle Earth?

Maybe, maybe not, director Guillermo Del Toro told MTV News.

“IMAX is a fantastic medium. I am a shareholder. I love IMAX. I remember seeing ‘Polar Express,’ and then seeing ‘Polar Express’ in 3D and IMAX and having my life completely transformed,” he enthused, excitedly discussing the format’s immersive capabilities. “I think it would be a worthy discussion. But it hasn’t arrived.

“I think that we are experienced enough, I guess would be the term, to know that we should not daydream about [things like that] when we write the screenplay,” he said of whether or not he was even flirting with 3D or IMAX as possibilities. “Right now what we have is, you don’t have two filmmakers and two screenplay writers – you have four screenplay writers. We’ll be talking about 3D, on IMAX – but [not] right now.”

What do you think? Should “The Hobbit” get the IMAX and 3D treatment? Or is it a gimmick? Sound off on your thoughts below.