'Iron Man' Star Don Cheadle On Superhero Films And The Character He'd Like To Play

Don CheadleFROM SPLASH PAGE: After a morning of breaking news about Don Cheadle taking over the role of Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes from Terrence Howard in "Iron Man 2," we recalled a recent interview with Cheadle where we asked the actor if he ever considered taking a role in a comic book film, and if so, who he'd like to play. His answer may astound you...

"Vanilla Man!" the actor laughed. However, Cheadle quickly followed up his reply with his thoughts on comic films and whether he had any interest in landing a role in one.

"I’d love to do that, I love comic books," replied Cheadle. "Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of black superheroes that they’ve made comic books about, so maybe we have to go the other way, create one in the film and then create a comic book about him."

Or, in his case, land a role as Col. Rhodes, Tony Stark's right hand man who will most likely don the sleek silver armor of War Machine in the upcoming sequel to "Iron Man."

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