Christian Serratos, The 'Twilight' Tuesday Star, Eager To Say 'Yes' To An Impressive Career

Christian SerratosObviously, “Twilight” fans are eager to see next month’s movie mainly because it’s based on a best-selling book that they’ve loved for years. But one facet of the phenomena that has been overlooked by the media is how effectively Catherine Hardwicke and crew have cast virtual-unknown actors who not only have the potential to become big stars but are — gasp! — nice, normal people.

Over the last few months, we’ve discussed the way Michael Welch bonded with his fans over socks, Kellan Lutz’s love for energy drinks and candy, and Robert Pattinson’s playful games with the Twilighters who love him. Well, this week’s “Twilight” Tuesday focuses on 18-year-old actress Christian Serratos, another down-to-earth cast member who balances professionalism and normalcy quite well, thank you.

“I would definitely love to work with my favorite actors and actresses like Parker Posey or someone like Leonardo DiCaprio,” Serratos beamed when she stopped by our studios recently, carrying no entourage other than her mom. “There’s a lot of great people out there, and if I got to work with even half or a quarter of them, then I’m good.”

As somebody who interviews young actors for a living, I find it really refreshing to hear a name like Parker Posey come up. A veteran actor and supporting player, the world needs more people like her – yet, most young actors would rather look to the A-list flavor of the month when it comes to inspiration.

“I love her,” Serratos said of “Party Girl” and “Best of Show” star Posey. “She’s off-beat, and she’s not cookie cutter, and I like that.”

Citing 1997’s “The House of Yes” as one of her favorite films of all time, Serratos urged young fans to be brave enough to go beyond the “New Release” sections and sequels at their local Blockbuster stores. And with any luck, “Twilight” will launch a long career for the actress that will someday rival that of the so-called indie queen.

OK, everybody, here’s your patented “Twilight” Tuesday question of the week: From Kellan’s candy to Robert’s music to Christian’s love of indie films and so much more, what is your favorite personal detail that you’ve learned about a “Twilight” star?