Captain America Cameo Revealed In 'Incredible Hulk' DVD

Captain America & HulkFROM SPLASH PAGE: After director Louis Leterrier hinted that the Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America, would be making a cameo appearance in this summer's "Incredible Hulk," the internet has been a'buzzin' with fans calling shenanigans after the Star Spangled Avenger never materialized in the theatrical release.

However, with the release of the new "Incredible Hulk" DVD, those who were hoping to see Cap make his cinematic debut (yes, debut -- we're just gonna forget about the original 1990 film) can finally catch a glimpse -- and the key word being "glimpse" -- of Cap and his mighty shield thanks to the new highly-touted alternate opening scene which takes place in the Arctic Circle, where a despondent Bruce Banner goes to kill himself having failed to come up with a cure for his curse.

Read more about the deleted Captain America cameo in "Incredible Hulk" (and see an image of Cap's "cameo") at!

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