'Twilight' Run Time Is Announced As Fans Get Ready To Get Bitten

'Twilight'As far as news goes, this posting isn’t about quantity so much as quality. Today, the studio behind “Twilight” has announced the film’s official runtime, and it is three numbers that should bring a smile to the face of Stephenie Meyer’s loyal fans: 120 minutes.

At various points during the film’s development, many have speculated that Catherine Hardwicke’s movie would run between 90 and 100 minutes, a typical length for most teen-oriented films. Since Meyer’s novel stands it at about 500 pages, concerns had naturally been raised over which beloved moments would need to be cut.

With this news from Summit Entertainment, however, fans can find solace in knowing that the love story of Edward and Bella will be allowed a good two hours to develop. While we’re still not talking P.T. Anderson or Martin Scorsese length, 120 minutes is seen by most Hollywood insiders as long enough to tell a good story, but not so unwieldy that fewer showings need to be scheduled each day (thereby losing opening weekend revenue).

With “Twilight” in its final run before release, the film has unveiled its last "Twilight" trailer, "Twilight" poster, and "Twilight" theater-lobby banner in the last few days to a rapturous response from the vampire franchise’s rabid fanbase.

The film hits theaters November 21st, and fans have already begun efforts online to organize theater-sidewalk sleepovers in the days before it starts playing.

How do you feel about the runtime? In your opinion, which key “Twilight” scenes absolutely must make it into Catherine’s final cut?