Sam Raimi Talks 'Drag Me To Hell' And His Return To Low-Budget Horror

Sam RaimiHey there, horror fans -- Sam Raimi hasn't forgotten about you. Sure, it's been more than a decade since the "Spider-Man" director has gone behind the camera for a low-budget horror flick (1992's "Army of Darkness" was his last go-round with the genre), but he's hoping to make up for that absence next year with "Drag Me To Hell."

Over at the MTV Movies mothership, the "Evil Dead" director chats us up about his return to the scare scene, and why he couldn't stay away.

"I really wanted to make this picture because I wanted to get back to making a lower-budget film — something that really connects with the audience on a visual level," the director told MTV News. "I wanted to get down and dirty a little bit more this time."

And that's exactly what it sounds like audiences will see in the film, too. Raimi hints at some disturbing insect imagery and a willingness to tap the torture effects in "Drag Me To Hell." The film stars Alison Lohman as an ambitious loan officer who becomes the target of a malicious curse after foreclosing on a loan to an old woman. Justin Long and Adriana Barraza co-star in the film.

Are you looking forward to "Drag Me To Hell" and Sam Raimi's return to horror films? Do you think he can recreate that "Evil Dead" appeal? Let us know in the comments!