The Final 'Twilight' Trailer Is Here, And We Have Your Shot-By-Shot Analysis!

Right now, the third and final "Twilight" trailer is spreading all over the Internet faster than Edward Cullen scaling the side of a tree. But, to paraphrase those old MTV commercials about why you'd better get your television hooked up to stereo sound: You might only be getting half the picture.

Long ago, we began the tradition in these parts of doing scene-by-scene breakdowns of the most anticipated movie trailers, like "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", "The Dark Knight", and the original "Twilight" trailer. Now, we've just taken live our official breakdown of the newest "Twilight" clip, and encourage you to read along while you watch the trailer again. And again. And again.

The studio was nice enough to send me the clip a few days early (cryptically labeled with the alias "Baby Girl"), and I can tell you that after watching it a few dozen times myself, it's everything I had hoped for and more. Be sure to post your own thoughts – and anything that you think our shot-by-shot may have missed) in our "comments" section.

Also, don't forget to record your reactions as you watch the trailer and post them on our site! All the info you need to know is here, and we can't wait to watch them!

So Twilighters, let's hear it: What do you think of the new trailer?