Kellan Lutz On The Book Rock Of 'Twilight' And 'Harry Potter'

Twilight has one up on Harry Potter, at least when it comes to the music -- at least one member of the cast of “Twilight” has heard Twi-rock. (Daniel Radcliffe, however, has not heard wizard rock… yet).

“It’s such a cool idea,” said Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen in “Twilight.” “I love this stuff! The Bella Cullen Project, they’re doing awesome.”

Lutz counts himself equally a fan of HP and Twilight, and is glad to see that wizard rock has opened the door for book rock. “I think there’s a lot of potential with all the fans that are out there,” he said. “How much they care about it, how passionate they are, it’s really cool to see."

"I think with Harry Potter, people tested the ability to make these groups," said Lutz, "and so now it’s no longer a new frontier. It really gives the Twilighters a way of doing it, rather than just risking failure. And it is a risk. But they can have faith, because it’s been done before. My hat’s off to them.”

Lutz would like to see some books beyond Harry Potter and Twilight inspire music, such as his personal faves by John Grisham. “I don’t know if there ever could be such a band, doing songs about the law and corruption,” Lutz said, “but he’s an amazing writer.”

But what Lutz would really like to see, when he’s being selfish, is a band based on Emmett. After all, if all the different characters in Harry Potter get bands singing from that character’s perspective, why not extend the idea to Twilight?

“There should be an Emmett band! Big old guys who are hunters, singing,” he laughed. “With big grizzly beards. Emmett and the Cullens. Hey, let’s start it!”

Have you heard Twi-rock? What do you think of it?