New 'Twilight' Trailer Tonight! Film Your Reactions And You May Wind Up On MTV!

'Twilight'OME! That's right, Twilighters, it's a big day indeed. This evening on "Entertainment Tonight," the final trailer for "Twilight" will be unveiled. Not long afterward, you can come right back and watch the trailer here and read Larry's shot-by-shot analysis, and we have one request. Get those cameras ready, because we want to hear what you think about it!

So here’s what you do. As you've done in the past with other "Twilight" events, after you watch the trailer visit our YouRHere site and upload your video response by clicking on “Create An Upload” (you’ll have to first register for a free account to do so). Remember to tag it as “Twilight” so we can find it.

Be as crazy excited and truthful as you want and geek out! We want to hear what you think, good or bad. We’ll be hand-picking some of the best to air on both MTV the channel and the blog, so be sure to submit your videos today (note: we know you’re excited, but please watch the language in the videos…we can’t run any vids that have swearing). Thanks in advance...Now go get ready to geek out!