EXCLUSIVE: Check Out David Goyer's New Horror Film 'The Unborn,' Plus Discover Matt Damon's Hidden Cameo!

Over on MTV.com, we took a look at the trailer for “The Unborn” with director David Goyer, going over specific shots he found most interesting and illuminative.

But you don’t need to be an expert to join in the fun. Watch the trailer for the film, which you can see here exclusively (click here for Hi-Def), and you’ll certainly notice lead actress Odette Yustman. You’ll see Jane Alexander and Gary Oldman too... But did you notice Matt Damon?

The Oscar winning thesp actually IS in the film, and the trailer, although you’re forgiven if you didn’t know about it. Truth is, neither did he.

“You’ll notice she's on the couch at the beginning of the trailer and she's watching TV. The movie's called ‘The Unborn’ but when I originally wrote it, it was called ‘Born’ B-O-R-N,” Goyer explained. “And Universal made me change it because anytime we would be on the conference call or something like that people would be confused and think it related to the ‘Bourne Identity’ movies. So, this happened a bunch of times - like we would be sent the wrong files or wrong contracts or things. So that's how it became ‘Unborn,’ but it does fit for the movie.

“But I decided to use ‘The Bourne Identity’ playing on the TV even in the trailer,” Goyer added, laughing. “That's my little joke.”

You can see Damon running through the trees in the background of the above image.

What do you think of the trailer for “The Unborn”? Think, after “Dark Knight,” Goyer has another winner on his hands? Excited for the movie? Sound off on all your thoughts below.