New 'Twilight' Banner Finally Brings the Baddies

As we said during the most recent “Twilight” Tuesday, now that we’re mere weeks instead of months away from the movie, the news is rolling out fast and furious. Now, just a few days before we’ll see the final trailer (check back here at the end of the week!), and one day after we got a peek at the final poster, Catherine Hardwicke and crew have released their final banner – likely to soon be unrolled in a theater lobby near you.

But before you rush off to the megaplex to try and bribe an usher to let you take it home when they’re done with it - what are your thoughts?

Personally, I’ve always been a sucker for colorful background characters. You can have Luke and Leia – give me Boba Fett. You can keep Aragorn and Arwen, as long as I still get those talking tree guys. Even when it comes to the Reservoir Dogs, I still watch that movie wondering what Blue and Brown were all about.

Which is why I’m digging this banner. The posters have mostly given us Edward and Bella, and for many people they are certainly the focus of the story. But any true Stephenie Meyer fan knows that Forks is a town as rich with fascinating background characters as Springfield, Twin Peaks or Danny Ocean’s Rolodex. Which is why I’d like to see more advertising that focuses on Emmett, Alice, Charlie Swan and all the others.

This banner not only gives us the expected Kristen-Robert love sandwich, but also brings the baddies: Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre), Laurent (Edi Gathegi) and their quasi-leader James (Cam Gigandet). Factor in the dark shading, Lefevre’s goth-sexy look and Gathegi’s imposing stare, and the banner is like a tasty snack from McDonald’s: I’m loving it.

What do you guys think about the final “Twilight” banner? If you could get your hands on one, where would you hang it?