Final 'Twilight' Poster Hits Net. What Do You Think?

Twilight PosterOur good friends over at Cinematical have premiered the final "Twilight" poster. (Click to see the full, hi-res version).

It’s dark, it’s romantic, it’s decidedly reminiscent of the first poster, not that surprising, perhaps, given that photographer Joey Lawrence promised MTV that his creations would continue to focus on Rob and Kristen. Let's be honest, it’s probably going to someday wind up on your wall.

But what is it ultimately? It’s up to you to decide, that’s what. Sound off on what you think of the poster below.

But while we have your attention: we’re just a month and change away from the movie’s release, and the series still seems ghettoized by most internet pundits and commentators. Even Cinematical, bless them, wrote that the project was only supported by a "few demographic groups (mainly young women and their moms)." Let’s not cast stones. Let’s instead say you’d never heard of "Twilight." Maybe vampiric lore isn’t your thing. Maybe you live in a cave. But, the point is, you’ve never heard of "Twilight." Knowing nothing else, does this poster make you more or less likely to see the movie? Does it make you excited to see this over "Quantum of Solace," say, or "High School Musical 3"? In short, does it do a good job of selling the film to moviegoers outside the novel’s core audience?

And don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for another edition of "Twilight Tuesday," where the stars of the film will once again answer your questions.

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