TV's 'The Shield' As a Movie? Michael Pena Says He's In

Michael PenaWith just under two months until the series finale of "The Shield," talk from the TV show's fiercely loyal fanbase is beginning to turn once again to rumors that one of the greatest cop dramas of all time could live on -- as a feature film?

About a year ago, Emmy winner Michael Chiklis revealed to us that "there are a lot of questions about the potential of a 'Shield' movie these days," and we remarked at the time that it would be interesting to see what happens to Vic Mackey in the years to come, assuming he makes it through Season 7 alive. But according to his former co-star Michael Pena, even if Vic does die it could invite a prequel to bring him back from the dead.

"Oh yeah, that would be awesome," said Pena, who played Strike Team member Army Renta, one of the few characters on the show to witness Vic's dark side and then actually walk away. "That would be really interesting, because I think that they would have to [bring Army back]. I'd have to be going up against Vic Mackey, and I would love to see that story line."

"I don't think many guys are still alive [besides me]," reasoned Pena, who can currently be seen alongside Tim Robbins and Rachel McAdams in the military dramedy "The Lucky Ones." "I don't think there's been any [other] Strike Team guys that came out alive. There's [Walton] Goggins, his character is still on. Lemonhead died; Lemon's gone. Then there's Ronnie the Beard Guy …"

I don't know about you, but the simple fact that he refers to Vic's right-hand man as "Ronnie the Beard Guy" makes me want to promise to see every Michael Pena movie ever made. With any luck, that will include a "Shield" film in theaters someday -- and after the success of "Sex and the City," it seems like the timing has never been better for a small-screen cop to make the leap.

Would you like to see a "Shield" movie? What plotline would you want to see?