Former 'OC' Beauty Autumn Reeser 'Possesses' A 'Valentine'

Autumn ReeserAutumn Reeser believes in love. In both her new show “Valentine,” premiering on the CW Sunday (October 5), and in her new movie “Possessions,” the former "OC" actress is trying to make true love happen at all costs – for her character in “Possessions,” and for everyone but herself in “Valentine.”

“I play Phoebe, who is the Goddess of the Oracle at Delphi, in ‘Valentine,’” Reeser said. “She helps everybody pinpoint who their soul mates are, so the rest of the gods can all go out and bring them together. She’s like a flower child, and she loves the idea of being in love. She thinks it looks wonderful.”

Well, except when it’s unrequited or ignored. In “Possessions,” her character Jessica’s true love is the ex-girlfriend of the lead character, Orlando (played by Trent Ford), whose body is slowly becoming possessed by a voice in his head named Jean-Luc.

“She’s completely in love with Orlando, and a big part of why they broke up in the first place is that he doesn’t understand unconditional love,” Reeser said. “She knows something’s off, but he won’t tell her. She’s the heart of the movie, but most of the action happens with Orlando, in this Charlie Kaufmann-esque journey of trying to figure out, ‘Who is this voice inside my head?’”

So what would happen if her TV show and movie collided? What could Phoebe do to help Jessica and Orlando? “I would say they’re soul mates,” Reeser said, “but the challenge would be to make Orlando aware of what he’s got in her.” As for Phoebe, she’s probably destined to be lonely with no soul mate of her own. “I like that she’s a little odd like that,” Reeser said. “I like characters with quirks.”

What kinds of roles would you like to see Autumn and the rest of the "OC" alum play?