Guy Ritchie's 'Sherlock Holmes' Cast Confirmed, But More Surprises Likely

'Sherlock Holmes'Guy Ritchie held a press conference in London yesterday, confirming all the casting bits we have heard over the last few weeks, and cementing just how sexy and action-packed his take on Sherlock Holmes is going to be. Joining Robert Downey Jr. as the title character will be Jude Law as the able sidekick Dr. Watson -- a suave and posh alternative to the doddery Watsons that we normally see onscreen.

It won't be all testosterone though. Rachel McAdams has been confirmed as Irene Adler, a femme fatale who Holmes always considered to be "the woman," and who outwitted him when few could. But Dr. Watson won't be left out in the cold, as Kelly Reilly has been cast his love interest, Mary Morstan.

The continuing mystery (and it's so appropriate we're left with one when it comes to the great detective) is who we'll see facing off against Holmes and Watson. Mark Strong is playing the villainous Blackwood, but lips are tight when it comes to Professor Moriarty making an appearance.

You might remember that Russell Crowe was reportedly in the running for the part, and rumors have continued to swirl around him even after Ritchie issued a denial at London's "RocknRolla" premiere. Though Ritchie has brushed off talk of a sequel, a cast like this screams "franchise." Perhaps Moriarty will be a surprise cameo the end?

Ritchie is really creating a mash-up of the most legendary of Holmes' adventures -- and while he refuses to say if the tweedy wardrobe and famous hat will make an appearance, he promises to showcase the detective's skill in bare-knuckle boxing and martial-arts. What you won't see is Holmes' cocaine addiction -- producer Joel Silver is aiming for good, clean PG-13 fun.

There's no doubt Sherlock Holmes is an icon -- but can he win over a new audience through Guy Ritchie?

You'll be the ones buying the tickets, so tell us, does this cast sell you on a Victorian hero?