'City of Ember' Director Urges: Vote Bill Murray

This November, millions of voters will turn out to choose the next President of the United States. “City of Ember” director Gil Kenan just wants you to remember that you have more than two choices.

“I'm hoping people write Bill Murray in as a candidate. I'm hoping we build a genuine groundswell and take back this country for the people,” he laughed. “Sometimes a little star power doesn't hurt for electability. And, hey, he can’t do worse than anyone else.”

Kenan is kidding on the square positing Murray as a serious candidate – just like the new ad for “City of Ember” which you can view below.

In the film, Murray plays Mayor Cole, a vile politician in charge during a potentially devastating series of blackouts, which threaten to cover the City in darkness forever. (In the novel, the residents have no sunlight, and have never even seen stars).

That won’t stop Kenan from pimping him.

“In trying times where the generator is close to a cataclysmic break down, where infrastructure is collapsing everyday, where buildings are crumbling, sinkholes are opening up, where there's a threat that the next black out will be the last one. It's sometimes a bit of a breath of fresh air to focus on getting someone who can make you laugh,” Kenan joked.

“He's cheating and stealing and generally looking out for his own best interest but people want to invite him over for dinner and that's the thing,” he added. “He seems like the guy you would want to invite over to your house and at the end of the day.

“Policy, shmolicy - elect a friend!”

Here’s your chance: Write in with your support of Murray as Cole over Barack and McCain below!