BREAKING: Johnny Depp To Play 'The Lone Ranger'! No Wait, Make That Tonto!

Johnny DeppIt was confirmed this afternoon that Jack Sparrow himself, Mr. Johnny Depp, would indeed be playing the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's upcoming "Alice in Wonderland" adaptation. But as exciting as that may be, we've all known that for quite a while.

No, the real news that's breaking from the same Disney event is that it looks like Depp may just be taking on ANOTHER iconic role for the studio, that of the Lone Ranger. Here's what our friends over at had to say: "During Disney's preview today in Hollywood, the studio questioned who could possibly play the titular character in its upcoming feature The Lone Ranger."

"At that, Disney rolled out the USC marching band to come down and play the Ranger's theme song. This was followed by an appearance by Depp himself who took to the stage in full Captain Jack Sparrow attire...wearing The Lone Ranger's mask."

Intriguing, no? Alright not that the big casting is settled, anyone have someone in mind for Tonto?

UPDATE: Now apparently Disney reps are claiming Depp is in fact playing Tonto and NOT the Lone Ranger. This one gets odder by the moment.