Candy? Powerade? 'Twilight' Star Kellan Lutz Says Bring 'Em On

Kellan LutzBy now, the story of Kellan Lutz’s gift-basket adventure is the stuff of legend among "Twilight" fans. And as you've likely seen a dozen or so times, Emmett Cullen told us the story himself when we visited him on the set of the movie.

But as we all know, Stephenie Meyer’s fans want the whole story.

Though today’s Twilight Tuesday focuses on Lutz, time restrictions forced us to cut Kellan’s tale of fun fanaticism. But Twilighters can’t get enough of their beloved Princess Kellmett, so we now present the whole amazing, uncut tale below:

Kellan Lutz: This project is quite a roller coaster, I have to say. I mean, I never really knew much about it getting into it. I read the script; I didn't know it was a book at first, I didn't read it prior, so finally after the audition process, my agent was like, "Hey, you've got to read the book." So I did and did a little researching on my character and saw all these fan sites, and it blew my mind how much love there is for the “Twilight” series. And so, I guess, some of the fans, Twilight Moms — you guys are amazing — some of them just found out where we were staying and they found our set and they came. And a couple of days ago, these girls came knocking on my [hotel room] door, and I was about to get in the shower.

MTV: In the shower, really?

Lutz: Yeah, I thought it was Nikki [Reed] actually, asking to see if I'd go to the mall with her — she loves shopping. I was like, "Who is it?" They were like, "Hey, we have something for you." And I was like, "Oh crap, let me get some pants on, a shirt on." So I open the door, and the two sweetest girls ever had a basket for all the Cullens, all the actors. It was full of Powerades, candy — I love candy, so I took all the candy — 20 Questions, Uno. And a nice letter saying that they spent their whole spring break driving up from Sacramento and just wanted to get this basket to us to show us how much they appreciated everything we were doing. So it was really quite genuine of them.

MTV: But it isn't just teenage girls. You've also become friends with the Twilight Moms.

Lutz: Yeah. The [basket girls] were [on] spring break, high school. But there are Twilight Moms. I don't know how [people] knew what room I was in — that's the scary thing. And I don't know if it's on the boards now, because prior to that, I was on my way to my hotel room about three weeks ago, and some Twilight Moms were somehow in the room right next to me! They saw me walk into my door, and as I was shutting my door I heard "Hehe, that's Emmett! That's Emmett!" I was just like, "Oh God, oh God!" And then, that night, I had flowers at my door. I opened my door, because I was going to go to the gym, and there were flowers outside. I was like, "Hmm, who could that be?" So I wrote them a little cute note, and of course, someone told me it was up on their page.

MTV: Did you think about switching rooms?

Lutz: No, I like it! I have a note on my door saying, "This is Emmett's room"! The more free stuff, the merrier. I love Powerades, I love Runts, I love M&M's, so it's great."

All right, everybody, here's your "Twilight" Tuesday question of the week: If you could give a present to any one "Twilight" star, who would it be and what would you give them?