Samuel L. Jackson Says 'Oui' To Tarantino's 'Inglorious' Possibility

Samuel L. Jackson"Pulp Fiction" shot him to superstardom, he had a hilarious-but-intense role in "Jackie Brown," and eagle-eyed fans might have even noticed Samuel J. Jackson behind the piano in a brief "Kill Bill" cameo. So now that Quentin Tarantino has his much-hyped script for "Inglorious Bastards" completed, and half the world has seemingly read it, will he be playing the role of African-American role?

"I called him to find out if I had to learn French or not!" Jackson laughed when we asked him this week, insisting that he'd love to reteam with QT once again. "Because the only black person in the script spoke French."

In the Tarantino script, the character of Marcel is a French movie theater projectionist who works for the film's beautiful young female lead Shosannna. If SLJ was to take on the part, he'd have the tall order of reciting pretty much every line of his dialogue in the language of love.

He said, "so do you know any black French actors?" I said, "what the f***?!? Yeah, me!" I gave him the name of some guys. So yeah we had a small conversation about it. We'll see what happens. I thought the script was a lot of fun.