'Mamma Mia' Sequel Not In Forecast, Says Dominic Cooper

'Mamma Mia'Very quietly, it has sung and danced its way to becoming one of the biggest hits of the summer. The theater nearby me is playing a sing-along-version with subtitled songs on the screen; my wife and mother-in-law bonded when they went to see it together. So, why aren’t we hearing anything about a “Mamma Mia!” sequel?

“Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be happening,” star Dominic Cooper revealed to us recently when we asked him for the news. “But I'm desperate for a role.”

After the flick’s smash success, Cooper insisted that he and many of his co-stars would love to see the high-energy film become a franchise. And, at least in his own mind, plotlines are brewing.

“I don’t know what [the plot] would be; I don’t know where the story would go, unless it went backwards?” he brainstormed. “Unless it was Sophie and Sky, off to travel the world? I'd like to see him get into serious trouble, in different parts of the world.”

And if Meryl Streep and the filmmakers ever do decide that it’s time to kick up their heels once more, it’s not like there’d be a shortage of Swedish Seventies pop songs to choose from.

“There are always more Abba tunes!” laughed the actor, whose latest film is the Keira Knightley period drama “The Duchess.” “There are many, many more Abba tunes.”

The only downside to a sequel, he insisted, would be once again submitting himself to the mind-bending melodies of Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid. “At the moment, I'm trying to flush the Abba out. I still wake up in the middle of the night singing,” he grinned, perhaps echoing the thoughts of the millions who’ve paid to see his film. “Once they get stuck in the head, they are there forever!”

Would you like to see a “Mamma Mia!” sequel? Give us your best pitch for the plot!