Jason Isaacs Says Script For 'Green Zone' Left Plenty Of Room For Improvisation

Jason IsaacsPaul Greengrass’s newest film has a script credited to Academy Award-winning writer Brian Helgeland and Greengrass himself. Yeah, big whoop - reading it will give you absolutely no idea about the lines in the final film, Jason Isaacs laughed.

“There’s a script but that’s no more than a start for improvisation. There’s no blocking. There’s no continuity,” he said. “It changes every single time. [Paul] just throws you into the deep end. He creates what feels like chaos but is actually far from it. The whole thing is live organic storytelling. As an actor it pulls the rug out from under you.”

“Green Zone,” formerly “Imperial Life in Emerald City,” is a critical look at the US reconstruction in Iraq, particularly in Bagdad, starring Matt Damon as a CIA officer in search for weapons of mass destruction.

As anyone who knows his work in the “Bourne” films could tell you, of course, Greengrass likes to go for a gritty realism in his films. That’s especially true here, Isaacs said, as Greengrass’s controlled chaos has his stars “re-acting” rather than “acting.”

Which, again, isn’t really hard when you don’t have one of those script thingys.

“I’m with a lot of real American soldiers and there are a lot of real translators,” Isaacs revealed. “I was trying to keep up with all the Marines around me, constantly asking them what they would do in this situation because when the camera is rolling there’s no script.”

In the film, Isaacs plays a major in the Army's elite special forces.

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