Hoffman, Moore Ready To Roll In Proposed 'Big Lebowski' Sequel

Jeff Daniels in 'The Big Lebowski'You’ve memorized every line, counted all the “f”-words, and even dressed up as The Dude for Halloween. But admit it, you never got into “The Big Lebowski” until you discovered the under-performing box-office dud on home video.

Now, with yet another special edition release hitting store shelves (this one shaped like a bowling ball), the buzz has begun building around a “Lebowski” sequel. And now, two more co-stars say they’re on board if John Turturro can talk the Coen Brothers into making Jesus rise once again.

“That’s just like a sick thought, isn’t it?” laughed Philip Seymour Hoffman recently, commenting on Turturro’s dream of making a sequel that revolves around his child-molesting, bowling ball-licking Jesus Quintana (not to mention Steve Buscemi's vision of a Donnie-centric surfer flick). “I love that [Lebowski] has a life now. I had a ball making it.”

While the notion of Hoffman’s houseboy character Brandt even having a role in the film is up in the air, this much seems certain: You couldn’t make a “Bigger Lebowski” without bringing back The Dude’s coitus-craving girlfriend.

“I think she has a role in everybody's universe,” Julianne Moore said of whether she’d be in a Jesus-centered movie. “Maude abides too!”

“She's with The Dude somewhere, man,” the Oscar nominee said of what Maude is up to ten years later. “She had The Dude's baby, remember? So there's a mini-Dude out there. [Maybe the movie] is called 'Mini-Dude’!”

These days, the Coen Bros. are riding high at the box-office with “Burn After Reading,” the first film in their illustrious careers that they’ve ever opened in a top weekend slot. Coupled with nationwide Lebowski festivals and the 1998 film’s continued success on DVD, it would seem like all they have to do is say the word and the budget would come flowing in. Working against the idea, however, is that the Coens have now made thirteen films without ever getting sequel-itis.

Still, Julianne Moore insists that she’d love to see Turturro make his Jesus movie. “He should! What a great character,” she grinned. “He’s incredibly powerful.”

Okay, admit it: Were you cutting-edge enough to see “Lebowski” in theaters, or did you catch on with everyone else years later? As for a sequel – would you be there on opening night?