Sam Rockwell To Play Double Roles In 'Gentlemen Broncos'

Sam RockwellSam Rockwell has played silly before (think "Galaxy Quest"), but nothing compares to his performance in the upcoming "Gentlemen Broncos," the MTV favorite laughed.

Actually, make that performances, Rockwell said, revealing that he'll be playing double roles in the film. Or rather, double roles in the film within the film. Or rather, the same role but differently named.

You know what? We'll just let Rockwell take it from here.

"The protagonist [of the film] is Michael Angarano and he's an aspiring screenplay writer. He goes to a writer's camp and a famous sci-fi author comes to visit. [The author] is kind of a hack writer and hasn't had a hit in a long time. He's judging all the screenplays at the camp and he plagiarizes Michael's story which is a Flash Gordon-like story called "Bronco, the Yeast Lords.' He changes the names and makes it into a character called Brutus," Rockwell said of the film's set-up. "I play both characters when they are reenacted on the big screen. I play Brutus AND Bronco."

But back to the silliness (as if Rockwell playing two Flash Gordon like heroes wasn't silly enough).

"It's a movie I have a good feeling about," Rockwell said of the flick, directed by "Napoleon Dynamite" helmer Jared Hess. "What I do is really silly in the movie. This just goes way out there. It's a crowd pleaser."

Have high hopes for "Gentlemen Broncos"? Wanna see Rockwell get silly? Sound off below. In other news, hey, you know what movie wasn't actually that good? That's right, "Napoleon Dynamite." Stop quoting it.