Michael Caine To Play Batman In New Movie. Well, Sort Of.

Michael CaineMichael Caine is one heck of an Alfred Pennyworth, the trusted, knowledgeable, ever wise servant in the two recent films about the dark knight. Who knew all that time helping Batman would rub off?

Caine is set to become something of a crusader (if not a caped one) himself in the recently announced "Harry Brown," the story of an elderly man driven to vigilante justice in a London neighborhood taken over by criminals.

"He's an ex-Marine who lives on a real crap estate in London full of junkies and pimps and hookers. And he becomes a vigilante because he has to or else they’re going to kill him," Caine said of his character, comparing him slightly to Charles Bronson in "Death Wish."

Our jokes about Caine taking over the role of Batman are ridiculous, of course, but not that far off the mark, Caine said. Yeah, the idea of a 75-year-old man fighting is absurd, and yes, there are ways that Brown will attempt to solve his problems other than with his fists – but make no mistake about it, Caine insisted, Harry Brown is gonna throw it down.

"The guy is old and has emphysema but he is an ex-Marine and you get to know that. He's in his late 70s and he doesn't want to fight," Caine said. "He's not exactly a powerhouse but he does start to bring it around!"

The film will co-star Emily Mortimer as a police officer.

Looking forward to Michael Caine kicking butt and taking names? Think there is more to explore thematically with vigilantism, especially in a post "Dark Knight" world? Sound off below.