MTV's Tim Kash Takes A Spin In James Bond's Newest Ride

There aren't many things that I'm happy to get up early for -- especially the morning after the VMAs -- but this I'll wake up for with a big smile on my face. For a car fan, driving any Aston Martin is a blessing and a privelege ... but to drive the brand-new-not-even-available-in-dealerships-yet limited edition Aston Martin DBS was an honour! Did I mention its the exact car Daniel Craig (perhaps the best James Bond yet (after Sean Connery of course) drives in the new Bond flick "Quantum of Solace."

Here are the numbers: 510 break horse-power, 420lbs of torque and 0-60 in 4.2 seconds...this machine is no ordinary car. Much like 007 himself, the DBS is on the surface stylish and sophisticated but if it needs to, its not afraid to go one-on-one with anyone or anything at a seconds notice. I love this car! If it's good enough for Bond...believe me, its good enough for all of us!

Tim's a fan. Are you? Do you think Bond's latest ride lives up to all that have come before it? Sound off.