Twilight Moms Clean House, And We Announce the Winners

Are you too busy reading about vampires to pick up your socks off the bedroom floor? Have you been spending your nights posting on message boards under the alias “LoveSpunkOME,” rather than emptying the overflowing trash can in your kitchen? We know, Twilighters, we’ve been there too.

Which made us laugh all the harder when we heard about the TwilightMoms “Clean House” Contest. As you may recall, in the weeks before the release of “Breaking Dawn,” the one and only Stephenie Meyer requested that “Twilight”-related message boards be shut down temporarily so that fans couldn’t post spoilers. We’ve long admired the enthusiastic, fanatical love of the TMs, and are proud to help them out by announcing the contest results as part of this week’s Twilight Tuesday.

Here’s how the contest went down: Suddenly blessed with several weeks of “Twilight”-free chatter, the TMs decided it was time to clean house, quite literally. Participants snapped “Before” photos of their sloppy homes, then got to work washing their “Team Edward” sweatshirts, cleaning up after the kids, and dusting off all the neglected non-“Twilight” novels on their bookshelves. Once the TwilightMoms forums re-opened, they posted their “After” pictures.

A drum roll please. … The second prize winner is C.J. (who goes by the TM alias “Eternity”), from the great state of Missouri. She transformed what looks to be a storage area back into the teddy-bear-boasting child’s bedroom it was meant to be.

And the grand prize goes to … Judi C. from Malden, Massachusetts (my home state). Judy goes by the TwilightMom alias “IsabellaCullen” and did an amazing job overhauling her kitchen. The “Before” photo gives us dirty dishes, old Tupperware containers and board games stacked high (is that “Clue”?), then blows us away with an “After” so clean that you could eat off the floor.

Congratulations to all the winners – we’re sure their families are every bit as thankful as we are!

OK, guys, here’s your Twilight Tuesday question of the week: We just published a revealing interview with screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, in which she compares Edward and Bella’s forbidden romance to the one shared by the cowboys in “Brokeback Mountain.” In your opinion, is it an apt comparison?