Why Does Donnie Wahlberg Get The Giggles From DeNiro?

Donnie WahlbergWorking with two of this country's most respected actors (as well as one darn good rapper) provided "Righteous Kill" co-star Donnie Wahlberg with some pretty awesome memories.

"Every day on set with Pacino was amazing. He has a million and one stories. 50 was incredible… but probably my favorite memory was I got the giggles with Robert DeNiro. When you get them you can’t stop laughing because you know that people want you to stop laughing, so the director’s over there getting frustrated, but me and Robert DeNiro can’t stop giggling during this scene and it was pretty surreal. To be sitting there where neither one of us can stop laughing at goofy stuff we were saying between takes, that was pretty fun."

So why would Wahlberg give up all that goodness (at least temporarily) to reunite with his old NKOTB buddies? The recent split with his wife of nine years had something to do with it. "I needed to deal with a lot of stuff in my personal life and music was there for me. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna give up doing what I love to do, it just happens that I love to do this as well."

And of course he'll be taking that special New Kids love out on the road. "I want to prove to everyone that we can still do it. In fact I want to prove to them that we could do it maybe even better than before."

So the Hollywood stuff is on hold, for now. "I love to act. I love to write, I love to direct, I love producing, I love everything about television and movie-making. I’ll still do it, but I needed music right now."

Hang tough, Donnie.